Cloud Enablement

We make moving to the cloud easier.

Digital technology is evolving so quickly it’s difficult to maintain an on-premise IT infrastructure without constant upgrades and software patches. Fortunately, the cloud provides a flexible, cost-efficient, highly-scalable solution that enables you to take advantage of the most advanced IT environment without the wasted resources and capital expense of hosting it in-house. We’ll assess your organization’s ability and readiness to shift its IT resources to the cloud, create a strategy for it, and estimate the cost of doing it.

Our Cloud Enablement services include:

Platform Assessment:

What type of cloud environment is right for your business — public, private, or hybrid? We’ll help you determine which is the best option for security, functionality, and cost. We’ll also assess which cloud platforms — such as Azure, AWS, GCP, and — offer the best fit for your company, what your cloud IT environment will look like, and what you can expect to spend on cloud enablement and consumption. We’ll follow the five R’s (Rehost, Replatform, Repurchase, Rearchitect, Retire, and Retain) to define the right migration approach into the cloud.

Platform Migration:

Our team will ease your transition to the cloud, whether you’re moving systems to a cloud-based infrastructure (IaaS), or taking the next step and upgrading to a cloud platform service (PaaS) that enables you to use the cloud to develop or customize your own applications. Whatever cloud enablement services you choose, we’ll ensure that your applications and operations transition safely and reliably.

Platform Modernization:

Migrating legacy systems to the cloud can be fraught with risk. Often there’s a lack of documentation or some questionable code that makes it difficult to move from a premise datacenter to a new environment in the cloud. We’ll re-build your apps to utilize a cloud-native solution that will take full advantage of cloud economics. And we’ll ensure that your system remains fully functional during modernization and migration.

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