Technology Innovation Services:

Inspired innovation that makes modern technology work for your business.

Any technology is only as good as your ability to use it. At Strive, we focus on innovative technology solutions that are powerful and intuitive to use. Our technology innovation services utilize the latest tech stacks to provide industry leading digital tools that can help clients gather, store, analyze, and manage data; automate workflows; improve productivity; reduce operational costs; support a mobile workforce; and much more.

Our technology innovation services include:

System Architecture:

Our architects will work closely with you to determine the purpose, goals, and structure of your digital environment to develop a conceptual model of what your system will look like and how it will work. This comprehensive model can include end-user requirements, the system’s technical framework, modern design patterns, how the system will be deployed, the integration platform, advanced queue messaging platforms, high-speed data ingestion and more. The end result is a system that is performant, scalable and available for your users when they need it.


Service architecture significantly affects everything for your system — from how it performs to how it will grow and utilize future technologies. Microservices can provide you with smaller, more focused solutions to address issues by business domain or function. This simpler, more scalable approach inserts a specific function or functions into your IT ecosystem, avoiding a lot of unnecessary coding to provide a more flexible, versatile, and singular solution to a specific problem or set of problems.

Intelligent Applications:

Sometimes traditional software cannot adequately address a particular problem. So we utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning to create applications to do everything from determining the best workflow to integrating predictive analytics that use data to support better decision-making.

Internet of Things:

The world now depends on interconnected devices to run our utility, transportation, manufacturing, and security systems; remotely monitor and maintain equipment performance; and perform countless other critical tasks involving machine-to-machine (M2M) communication. Our IoT experts understand how all these interconnected components must interact to ensure security, reliability, and efficiency. They’re experienced in developing the low-power, robust and dependable applications needed for M2M functionality in a wide range of environments as well as the platform to manage the devices and data.


Blockchain technology is rapidly changing how many industries and organizations are approaching data storage, management, and security. Our engineering team is skilled in developing blockchain-based software with a high level of transparency and integrity, ideal for transactional processes such as sales tracking, financial record-keeping, and inventory management.

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