Community is everything.

At Strive, we believe in community involvement. Community is the foundation of everything. In fact, we’ve built our business model around it. Employees are happiest and most productive when they’re working in the same communities they live in. That’s why we’re able to build locally-based teams capable of delivering world-class work. It’s good for our employees, our clients, and our business.

We’re also big on giving back. That’s why we’re heavily invested in community involvement and supporting a broad range of issues and community improvement initiatives – from small, neighborhood projects to nationwide programs, to building schools around the world. We encourage our employees to lean in and get involved. The feeling around here is “if it’s important to you, it’s important to us.”

One such initiative is buildOn – a community-based program with a mission to break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy and low expectations through service and education. It transforms neighborhoods through intensive community service and changes the world by building schools in some of the economically-poorest countries on the planet. We’re committed to help buildOn make a difference across the country and the world.

We encourage our employees and clients to bring us community improvement projects that they’re passionate about. We’re happy to help. Not only does it help build stronger communities, it builds stronger relationships amongst our employees and with our clients. A whole new level gets added to the relationship when you’re working together to help those in need.

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